Equalis Capital—an investment fund company providing access to digital markets—needed a new brand identity to position itself as trusted, transparent and accessible for consumers, with the goal of becoming a digital market investment platform for not just high-income investors, but for all. 

Taking cues from the hidden meaning in the name Equalis (or aequālis, Latin for "equal"), we merged multiple symbolic components: the letter E, the equal sign, and the mathematical symbol ∀, meaning "for all," to form a shield-shaped brandmark that symbolized security, equality, and inclusivity. We then built out a new visual identity, including marketing materials, sales presentation template, and data visualization guides for regularly updating charts and visuals to keep current with projections.

We then designed and launched a simple landing page with one-page navigation to introduce visitors to Equalis Capital, with a brief overview of who they are, what they offer, and contact information.​​​​​​​

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